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Karl Hagenböcker
Tool Company

Platz 65
D-42855 Remscheid

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On 1st of May 1787 the hammer-smith Wilhelm Hagenböcker founded a hammer works with 3 water wheels in Remscheid. In that works blanks were forged for the smitheries in Remscheid and surroundings. In a second hammer works, that was completed in the year 1798, they already forged pans and bricklaying-trowels.

After the founder´s death his son took over the factory and was afterwards followed by the respective sons during 4 generations.
In the year 1910 Karl Theodor Hagenböcker took over the company and started then with the production of the first finished products like trowels and painter`s scrapers.

Since his death in the year 1966 his daughter Brigitte and her husband are leading the today´s company in the 7th generation.
In the meantime the production was expanded, so that today we are able to offer an extensive programm of high-grade tools for the mason´s and painter´s craft in our home country and for exportation.
Also special type-executions are possible on your inquiry.

Please test our productive capability!

Karl Hagenböcker Tool Company